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Hey y’all I’m Skylar. You may remember me as fifth on American Idol season 11! Thanks for stopping by my site and I hope you get the chance to listen to some music while you’re here! I live in Nashville now and am working towards a career in country music so thank y’all for all the support! I’d like to give a huge thank you to the Cirlot Agency for creating me this beautiful website! It truly means the world to me how much y’all have done for me! I love everything about this website! Well have fun on the new site and feel free to leave me a message!  #SKOUTLAWS


Help Fund Skylar’s First EP through Kickstarter

Hey y’all it’s Skylar and I recently decided that I am going to record an EP! So many of my fans have asked for music on iTunes and CDs that…

A Special Thank You

I recently had a photo shoot with Robby Followell and Kelly Moore Clark. Here is a sample of those photos! I’d like to thank Robby and Kelly and also Waylon…

Skylar Laine singing National Anthem at the M-Braves game

American Idol top five finisher Skylar Laine sings the National Anthem at the Mississippi Braves game in Pearl, Miss. (Video by Andy Atkinson)

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