Help Fund Skylar’s First EP through Kickstarter

Hey y’all it’s Skylar and I recently decided that I am going to record an EP! So many of my fans have asked for music on iTunes and CDs that they can buy and I want to fulfill their requests!! With that said, we all know that studio time, production musicians, photo shoots, and merchandise cost money so I launched a Kickstarter to raise $8,000 to go towards everything for the EP. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website that allows people with all kinds of different projects from music to documentaries to products, collect “pledges” to go toward these projects. They call them pledges because you pledge a certain amount to be given ONLY if the project reaches its goal. It is an all-or-nothing situation. Each project has a set number of days to reach the set goal and it has to reach the goal or no money is funded. Like I said, I set my goal to $8,000 and we are at this very moment (Monday, September 29th) at $2,726 with 22 days to go in the pledge period! I need all of my fans help to reach the goal and to get this EP out for everyone to hear! Also, when you pledge, you can receive specific awards depending on how much you pledge. You can read all about my project and rewards you can receive on my project profile! I will include the link at the end of this post. Thank ya’ll so much for stopping by my website and please help me reach my Kickstarter goal so I can share my original music with all of you! Love ya’ll!

A Special Thank You

I recently had a photo shoot with Robby Followell and Kelly Moore Clark. Here is a sample of those photos! I’d like to thank Robby and Kelly and also Waylon Garrett/Bobbi Brown for my hair and makeup and Brandi Brownlee for styling! Special thanks to the store, Libby Story, for letting me borrow some clothes!

Skylar Laine singing National Anthem at the M-Braves game

American Idol top five finisher Skylar Laine sings the National Anthem at the Mississippi Braves game in Pearl, Miss. (Video by Andy Atkinson)

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